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Quality gifts

Here at abhomecrafts we are working hard trying to find the Personalised Wooden Gifts that people need.We are very very proud of the quality of our

wood crafts its just trying to find the things to make that people are wanting to buy. At the moment we have designed and produced a number of wooden plaques, some with a meaninful message while others are funny (well we think so) So pleases look out for these within the next couple of days. Here also is a memory box that was made to order

Childres toys

Not long now in fact 80 days untill christmas,find new ideas for the festive season is not easy but were getting there,just finishing a childs jigsaw.then there will be other items to follow, ideal for Stocking fillers. nothing more than £6.50 for a quality crafted childs toy


Hi what a brilliant weekend,visit alt of places,and given web-pages to look at the moment We have some brilliant craft ideas for Christmas, which is just around the corner, if any one has any craft ideas for Christmas please send m a message please would be great to hear about your ideas.

Snow Snow Snow

What a day, nyot alot done today because of the weather, so all the hard work I've done over the past 3-4 days has been put back.Got 4 items to send out Monday IF there is any post deliveries but they dont need them till 11th Feb so got plenty of time.

Feeling sleepy

Can't complain about my orders and would like to thank everyone who has ordered from us. Its gone from an average 20-30 a week which I am very pleased with as I have only had a web site for 3-4 weeks, then I received the 50-80 orders for VW road shows but they don't need to be ready until 1st week March, now got a contact number for the MG rally organiser in my area who said they would be interested if I could do some items for MG. 2012 has started good, just hope it lasts

Personalised plaques

Christening Plaque for a girl


Tee light candle holder



Personalised wooden money box

Money Box personalised with dancers


Accepted Payment