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Stoke on Trent

Wooden Gifts Hand Made in

Having made personalised wooden gifts for close friends and family for many

years, I moved on to sell my products at local fetes and markets near my

home. I realised then just how popular they were! So I decided to open a

website so that everyone had the opportunity to find quality items for that

special someone.

I am very proud of what I make; a lot of care and attention goes into

the making of these creations, which I’m sure you can see!

EVERYTHING that you see on this website has been designed and made by

myself from start to finish - cutting the wood, finishing and painting – it’s all

carried out in my small, but well equipped workshop.

You will receive crafts that are entirely unique and individual.

If there is anything that you like but would like to add your own touch,

please do contact me and I will do my very best to meet your requests!

We have wooden gifts galore and a wide range of wooden gifts made especially for you!!

Great Designs Great Service we are here to help if there is something you would like and its not available on the website dont hestitate to contact us and we will see what we can do for you!

Why we are passionate about wood crafting

Our busy adult lives leave us with very little time to explore and develop new skills. So, when we finally find a new activity or practice that we enjoy, we immediately make a hobby out of it. With wood crafting, you are likely to evolve past that stage and make it more than just an interest or a Sunday afternoon pastime. The fact that you can develop a craft where you constantly get to work with your hands gives you the true feeling of achievement and forces you to consider woodworking as an integral part of your life.

Most people who look to add a new piece of furniture to their homes reach out to specialized stores where they can choose from a wide range of standard models. They have their pick and they pay for it without gaining any extra pleasure from redecorating their rooms. On the other hand, wood crafters take pride in designing their own piece of furniture, which they can later use to impress their visiting friends and escorts. It takes more time to craft a wooden chair in your garage than to make a trip to your local store and order it, but it is totally worth it.

Not all wood crafters work intensely on their passion. Some of them have a complicate lifestyle that rarely allows them to complete their projects. Their hands are not as full of blisters as those of the masters who spend weeks in a row working with various types of wood. There are some wood crafting enthusiasts that choose to spend the little free time that they have in the company of their families or their London escorts they took from http://uk.eros.com/england/london/. This usually happens in the evenings or during weekends, when social interaction becomes more appealing than manual work.

One of the reasons why many people choose to indulge on hobbies that involve actual work can be interpreted as a return to our roots. In the past decades, due to the standardization of most of our industries and the ascent of smart machines that complete difficult tasks, there has been very little need for manual work. With wood crafting, you can remove the barrier of technology and test your limits into becoming a craft master. Your escorts might show off different products that they have purchased, and which are the result of a mechanized factory line, but your hard-worked projects that you have spent many days to complete are more impressive for sure.

Having a passion that concentrates on manual work, sweat and inspiration does not mean that you have to isolate yourself completely from the outside world. On the contrary, you will need to interact with fellow crafters to find out more about this subject, like wood quality, tools and equipment. Speaking about your passion only with your London escorts will hardly do you any good or help you improve your skills. That is why it is recommended that you join an online community where you can discuss your hobby with other people who choose to spend their Sunday afternoons in a shed or in a garage crafting wood.

Personalised plaques

Christening Plaque for a girl


Tee light candle holder



Personalised wooden money box

Money Box personalised with dancers


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